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The story of Ahnako


An affinity for design, a DIY spirit, and a love for our planet.

I created this company with the vision of making minimal, sophisticated clothing for casual wear that doesn't sacrifice ethics for greater profit.

Did you know that the regular distance a t-shirt travels throughout production is 15,000 miles! That's a whole lot of waste being produced for something that can be done in a much more efficient way. The furthest any of our garments travel throughout production is 2,245 miles with some items traveling no more than 615 miles. That's a reduction of travel emissions ranging from 85-96%! To put it simply, our clothing is, on average, 10 times more environmentally friendly than the industry norm.

We're able to pull this off by producing 100% of our garments in the United States. By being an American made clothing brand, we are minimizing our impact on our planet while also ensuring the ethical treatment of everyone involved in our production process.

Additionally, we package everything in 100% recycled materials. We get our recycled packaging from EcoEnclose, an excellent company based in Colorado.

And finally, for every item sold a donation is made to the National Forest Foundation which results in one tree being planted. Bought 5 items? That's 5 trees planted! All trees are planted within United States National Forests – the exact forest varies depending on current needs. If you'd like to learn more about this, you can check out the National Forest Foundation here.

Ahnako is a Nation Forest Foundation Tree Planting Partner

Oh, btw, it's pronounced ah-nuh-ko although lots of people say uh-knock-oh. I'll let you choose which you prefer.

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- Dennis
Founder & Designer